Eligible Programs

To be packaged with a financial aid award offer, you must be admitted to and pursuing an eligible academic program at SSU. Some eligible programs involve enrollment through another school: Cross Enrollment, Concurrent Enrollment, Consortium Agreement Enrollment, CSU Visitor, CSU International Program, and National Student Exchange. See Agreements with Other Schools Eligible for Aid at SSU in the Enrollment section of the Help Book for further information on these enrollment agreements.

Eligible Academic Programs at SSU


May be eligible for Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), State University Grant (SUG), Cal Grant, EOP Grant, Federal Work-Study, Federal Direct Loans, Federal Direct PLUS (Parent) Loan.

Initial Credential

May be eligible for Pell Grant, State University Grant, Cal Grant TCP, Federal Work-Study, Federal Direct Loans, Federal Direct PLUS (Parent) Loan.

Second Credential or Second Bachelor

May be eligible for Federal Work-Study, Direct Loans, Federal Direct PLUS (Parent) Loan.

Unclassified Graduates

If you are an unclassified graduate, you are not eligible for aid at SSU unless you can verify that you are taking prerequisites for admission into a post-baccalaureate program.

Unclassified Graduates Taking Prerequisites

Students completing prerequisites for admission to a master's or credential program are eligible to receive financial aid for only one 12-consecutive month period. The 12-consecutive month period begins on the first day of classes for which the student first receives financial aid with that status at any school. Once the 12-consecutive month period has elapsed, students are no longer eligible for further financial aid, unless admitted to a new eligible program.

You cannot be provided with an award offer until you demonstrate that you have not already received financial aid with this status at any school during a 12-consecutive month period. To do this, you must sign and submit a Prerequisite Eligibility Certification to our office. The form is available at the To Do List Forms section of our website. If you are completing prerequisites for a master's program, you must also provide us with a letter from an official representative of the master's program listing the required prerequisite courses. You must attach the letter to the Prerequisite Eligibility Certification. Students completing prerequisites for a credential program do not need to provide a letter. If eligible, your award offer will consist only of Federal Direct Loans.

Master's Degree Candidates

May be eligible for State University Grant (first master's degree only), Federal Work-Study, Federal Direct Loans, and Federal Grad PLUS Loan.

Extended Education Programs at SSU

Non-matriculated Students

Students not admitted to a degree or certificate program who are taking Extended Education courses, or regular university courses through Open University, may be eligible for certain alternative loans. Contact the School of Extended Education for information about these loans.

Matriculated Students

Extended Education courses may count as part of your total units enrolled, as long as you are a regular SSU student.

Degree and Certificate Programs

If you are participating in one of the programs listed below and want to be considered for financial aid, you must file a FAFSA. Students enrolled in these programs are not charged the Tuition Fee, and therefore may not receive funds from the State University Grant program to help cover costs of registration fees charged by Extended Education.


May be eligible for Federal-Work Study, Federal Direct Loans, and Federal Grad PLUS Loan.

  • Depth Psychology
  • Organizational Development
  • Spanish
  • Computer & Engineering Science (CES)
  • Film Studies
  • Executive MBA

Post Master's Certificate

May be eligible for Federal Work-Study, Federal Direct Loans, and Federal Grad PLUS Loan.

  • Family Nurse Practitioner


May be eligible for Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Cal Grant, Federal Work-Study, Federal Direct Loans, and Federal Direct PLUS (Parent) Loan.

  • Saturday Hybrid BA Liberal Studies at SSU
  • BA Liberal Studies at Napa Valley/Solano
  • BS Business Administration at College of Marin

Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs that would require a student-specific consortium agreement between SSU and another institution will not be funded with federal or state financial aid through SSU. The CSU International Program provides a variety of study abroad opportunities for SSU students, for which you can use the same financial aid funds as you would receive for classes taken at SSU. For more information on the CSU International Programs, visit their website.